Holiday Sale: Save 25% with Code: EVRD
Holiday Sale: Save 25% with Code: EVRD
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About Us

A History

EVRD Started in 2007 as a simple Tumblr website called Everything Random. It was a way to share interesting links and photos I found with friends. That site quickly became popular outside of my immediate circle. Eventually making it to the front page of DIGG (remember DIGG?). It was even a sponsor on iWearYourShirt for a day. 

Things grew from there. Other people joined the site. We expanded to included a few more sites; Everything Random, EVRD, Quotey, Perfectly Awesome, and Technology Should Be Simple. We also began creating our own graphic designs and selling them on places like Red Bubble and Society6. Including out most popular (and logo), EVRD.

Things grew fast and somewhat out of control. 


EVRD is back to being a single site. We have simplified to go back to why the site was started and be able to deliver a better quality product.

We still have a focus on sharing anything fun and interesting on the internet, see our blog and social media for that. We also now showcase the many products and designed we've created front and center.

We work with Printful to make many of the products, and we work with a variety of artists, designers, and photographers to create the content. We also use a number of public domain works to create reproduction and adaptations. 

Thank You

EVRD has been around for a long time. Starting as a fun project and growing to a real business. I know many people have been around from the start. Including all the ups, down, rebuilds, shut downs, and restarts. I want to thank everyone that has been a longtime supporter of EVRD and welcome anyone new to the brand. Without fans, we don't have a website. 

If you have any questions, comments, or just want to talk with EVRD, you cam contact us on Facebook, Twitter, or through email