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Watchy by SQFMI

TECH Technology Watch

Watchy is an open source hardware and software E-Ink watch. The watch comes with barebones, allowing you to customize is as you want. Different bands, 3D printed cases, and custom wat faces. You can truely make this a one of a kind timepiece. 

The E-Ink display delivers an always-on crisp image visible under bright sunlight, and requires no power between updates. At 200 x 200 pixels and monochrome, the display offers a distinctive aesthetic. If you rememver the Pepple Watch, you'll know the style. 

It both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE connectivity, allowing it to connect with internet APIs (e.g., weather, news, traffic, maps, Spotify, etc.), as well as Bluetooth LE enabled devices.

Learn more on SQFMI or buy on Crowd Supply.

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