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The Robins Part 4: Damian Wayne (EVRD ORIGINAL)

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Damian Wayne is Batman’s biological (genetically engineered) son. They were not introduced to each other until the boy was 10 years old. Damian was raised by his mother Talia and grandfather Ra’s Al Ghul (leader of the League of Assassins). Given this upbringing Damian wasn’t trained to think or act like a Robin traditionally should. He was bred to kill (he was primarily bred to kill Batman, but that’s another story).

Upon meeting his son, Batman decides to take him in for a few reasons. For starters, he see’s tremendous potential in Damian. His skills are far beyond that of any other Robin at his age in all respects. This is something that scares Batman as well, seeing that Damian could easily follow in his mothers footsteps and use those abilities on the other side of justice. 

Batman hopes that by taking him in he can tackle the whole nature vs nurture debate, guiding him into a new life as Robin. This proves to be a highly difficult task but Batman is determined to be a good mentor for the boy, and ultimately, a good father as he grows to genuinely love him. 

“There’s no denying he can be difficult, but underneath all the defensive bluster, young master Damian in the inheritor of his father’s courage, his determination, his desire to do what is right.” - Alfred Pennyworth - 

Although he is a fairly new character, when it comes to the best Damian Wayne stories there’s really no need to look further than Grant Morrison. He is the writer who brought Damian into continuity with Batman and Son (2007) and then temporarily out of continuity with Batman Inc. (2011). 

When it come to the Mount Rushmore of all time greats comic writing, Grant Morrison is surely deserving of his place. He was even knighted by the Queen of England (seriously, check it out here).

That being said, his best run with Damian is not either of the titles that were just mentioned. Nope, when it comes to Damian I have to go with….

Batman and Robin - Grant Morrison (click title to read)

“The Dark Knight has fallen, sacrificing himself in the Final Crisis to defeat the ultimate evil. Tim Drake has laid down the mantle of Robin to search the world for a sign that his mentor can be brought back from oblivion.

Now there’s a new Dynamic Duo in town.

Dick Grayson, the original Robin, has taken up the cape and cowl of his former partner, and Damian Wayne, the assassin-raised son of Bruce Wayne, has become a deadly new Robin — ready to fight crime by any means necessary. Together, this masked Odd Couple must stop a rising tide of villainy whose savagery and brutality are unlike anything Gotham City has ever seen.

They must also overcome a lethal pair of rival vigilantes with ties to their own tragic pasts — and stay away from each other’s throats long enough to succeed.”

You read the synopsis correct. Although this is titled Batman and Robin, it is actually Dick Grayson who takes on the role of the Bat while Bruce is gone. At first, the relationship is a complete disaster. Damian has little to no respect for Dick, frequently disobeying orders and taking the bat mobile out for joyrides. Over the course of this series the two eventually come to form a special bond that is well worth the wait. 

If you are interested in seeing how Damian interacts with Bruce I’d recommend the New 52 series Batman and Robin written by Peter Tomasi. 

Hope you enjoyed this read and be sure to check out the other Robins too!

Dick Grayson 

Jason Todd  

Tim Drake

written by Evan Woicik @ EVRD

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