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The Robins Part 3: Tim Drake (EVRD ORIGINAL)

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Tim Drake is probably the most level-headed and calm of all the Robins. While he possess the same tactical abilities as the others, what really sets him apart is his brain. With an IQ of 142, he is perhaps the most intelligent of all the Robins. Tim really shines by means of his technical savviness, having an incredible working knowledge of the technology at his disposal. He excels in all computer sciences and is a near unmatched hacker. Probably the best representation of his natural smarts comes from his introduction to comics. So here it is....

After the death of Jason Todd, we find Batman struggling to cope with the loss of his partner in crime-fighting. He’s become something else. He’s not acting with same tactical precision, but rather rushing into situations fist first. 

“Since master Jason’s death, you’ve changed. It seems, sir, that you now do all your thinking with those sadly bruised and battered knuckles. Yesterday you collapsed from your wounds. I cannot be certain the next time you will survive them.” - Alfred Pennyworth -

As it turns out, old Alfred wasn’t the only one worried about this new version of Batman. So was a thirteen year old boy from a Gotham boarding school, Tim Drake. 

What is different about Tim’s path to becoming Robin than that of his formers, is that he’s the one that sets out to find Batman, not the other way around. In A Lonely Place of Dying it is learned that Tim Drake, although at an extremely young age, was also at Haly’s Circus the night that Dick Grayson’s parents died. 

While watching television with his parents roughly six months later, he notices the new sidekick called Robin performing the same quadruple somersault that he saw Dick perform that night with the Flying Graysons. Tim becomes obsessed with Batman and Robin and is eventually able to put all the pieces together as to their identities. 

As he notices the change in Batman’s behavior as well, he sets out to find Dick Grayson to convince him to return as Robin. Dick declines but agrees to go help Batman which ends with them being trapped by Two-Face. 

With Batman and Nightwing seemingly out for the count, Tim Drake throws on a Robin costume and saves them both. After proving himself as an adequate sidekick, Batman reluctantly decides to take him on as the new Robin. Batman is very impressed with Tim's ability to have figured out his true identity.

As great of an intro as A Lonely Place of Dying is for Tim Drake, the character really comes into his own in the 5 issue, 1991 series, Robin. Which is why I’ve chosen it for the essential read.

Robin - Chuck Dixon (click title to read)

“After discovering Batman’s identity, Tim Drake must now endure months of intensive physical training before he can publicly debut as the Caped Crusader’s new partner. Given an all-new hi-tech costume and the encouragement of former Robin Dick Grayson, Tim is finally ready to don the identity he was born for: Robin! 

Then, Robin must survive a final baptism by fire as he travels overseas to learn martial arts from one of the world’s greatest fighters—the deadly Lady Siva. Flying solo for the first time, he comes across a diabolical plot by Batman’s old enemy King Snake and must prove that he is worthy of the mantle of Robin!”

This story above all others, highlights all of the makings of everything Tim Drake will become. Hope you enjoy it and be sure to check out the other Robin’s below!

Dick Grayson 

Jason Todd 

Damian Wayne

As a bonus read check out the Red Robin series where Tim Drake takes up the name Red Robin as he begins a new solo career after Batman has supposedly died.

written by Evan Woicik @ EVRD

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