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The Return of Hoodie Melo: Breaking Down Carmelo Anthony’s Debut With the Portland Trail Blazers (EVRD Original)

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The Return of Hoodie Melo: Breaking Down Carmelo Anthony’s Debut With the Portland Trail Blazers (EVRD Original)

In the Summer of 2018, Carmelo Anthony signed with Houston Rockets. At the time of the deal many believed that he would be the missing piece to the puzzle for Houston to finally overtake the Warriors in the West. During early November the Melo walks off the court in a 98-80 loss to the Thunder where he shot 1-11 from the field. After that game Rockets GM, Daryl Morey, decided that Houston had a problem named Carmelo Anthony. After only a day 10 game stint, Melo was released from the team. This came as quite the shock to fans and players around the league. Carmelo believed the decision to be “deeper than basketball” and explains his feelings in an interview with Stephen A Smith on ESPN’s First Take.

Anthony never played another game for the remainder of that season. Fans and players around the league came to his defense, expressing that he certainly belonged in the NBA. It seemed like a team would take a chance on him this past off-season but nothing materialized. Finally, over a year later, the 10x All-Star has been given a chance with the struggling Portland Trail Blazers.  Here are a look at the “highlights” of his debut last night against the New Orleans Pelicans.

Melo started his first game as Blazer, putting up 10 points in 24 minutes. After hitting an early 3 pointer (and getting a little ambitious on a dunk attempt) he shot 4-14 from the field in a limited 24 minutes. He also finished the game with 5 turnovers and zero assists in a 115-104 loss. Even though the performance wasn’t particularly great, Carmelo does present upside to this team. He has a history of being an efficient scorer and the Blazers do a need spark to add with CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard (DNP). 

Despite this lack luster start, it’s important to keep in mind that Melo hasn’t played a real game in over a year and spent most of the summer scrimmaging with JR Smith and J-Cole. It’s up for debate if he will be the answer this Portland team needs, but I expect his numbers will improve. Overall, it’s good to see a Carmelo back on the floor and it will continue to be an interesting story to follow. 

The highlight of the night was that Melo seemingly cleaned up his habit of swearing as he grabs rebounds, yelling “I got it” as he hauled in a board in the 2nd quarter. Enjoy this compilation of Melo’s profane rebounding in the past.

 Welcome back Melo!!

written by Evan Woicik @ EVRD

November 20th, 2019 


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