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Random Things: goTenna Mesh

Random Things Technology

The goTenna Mesh is a wireless communication tool that let's you set up your own mesh network. It might sound boring, but the technology is very unique and useful.

The device pairs with your smartphone and allows you to communicate in offgrid or over crowded areas.

Imagine going hiking with some friends in an area with no cell service. How will you stay connected? A goTenna allows you to create your own network to communicate with your friends, even if they are miles away. If you ever get separated, you can continue to talk and share GPS information.

Next, let's imagine you're at a festival with your family. With so many people in a concentrated area, it's very common for cell towers to be over loaded and drop calls or not work at all. With goTenna you can have your own network to continue communication when cell towers are over loaded.

Mesh networks and technology isn't anything new or groundbreaking, but goTenna has made a very simple way to make this technology user friendly and accessible.

The goTenna and goTenna Mesh are available on their website, starting at $149. Check it out!

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