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NBA Players & Their Superhero Counterparts: Giannis is Superman (EVRD Original)

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NBA Players & Their Superhero Counterparts: Giannis is Superman

Remember when you found out that Superman could run as fast as the Flash, maybe even faster? It was the best part of the abomination that was the Justice League live action movie. Superman becomes evil and owns the entire Justice League by being bigger faster and stronger than all of them. That’s how it feels watching Giannis Antekokounnmpo play basketball. He’s faster than your fast guy, he’s stronger than your strong guy, and literally flies to yam on motherfuckers every night. He dunks so hard you’re scared for his own teammates next to him.

During that scene in JL (Release The Snyder Cut!) after you watch Henry Cavill mean mug Ezra Miller and body him into a wall, you naturally have the thought like why do we even need the Flash if we have Superman? He’s faster than him, we don’t need him, we have a fast guy. It’s terrible logic that Bucks GM Jon Horst somehow adhered to with Giannis and Malcom Brogdon last off-season. He assumed Superman could do it by himself and I’m not 100% sure he’s wrong but I’m like 90% sure he’s wrong. Brogdon is showing he can play in Indiana. (I know Malcom Brogdon isn’t fast) Superman couldn’t always do it alone and Giannis removed from the Bucks isn’t the Justice League, it’s more like the second shift at the Rally’s down my street. A unique collection of people but they’re just not winning any championships soon. 

First Shaquille O’Neal was Superman, then Dwight Howard, now Giannis cause I wrote this. But I’d argue Giannis is more Superman than both of the guys. Dwight and Shaq were both so limited, incredible, but limited. Like Superman could for damn sure hit a free-throw. Giannis, like Superman, just when you about thought he can’t do something he dunks on your thought before you can think it. Like when Superman needs to like put out a fire and in your head you’re like “throw some water on it!” And meanwhile Superman creates a tornado in the ocean and a water vortex that puts the fire out in one second. He’s extra about shit and it’s so natural to who he is. You expect him to do something that seems impossible and he fucking does it! But way doper than you ever expected. Meanwhile, He is 100% Clark Kent off-the court too. A humble guy who definitely gives off those, “I lost my virginity in my 20’s vibe.” I say that but he could still whoop anyones ass who looks at him the wrong way, or writes about him giving off virgin vibes in a superhero basketball column. Love you Giannis. Release The Snyder Cut! 

Anyway enjoy these sweet Giannis highlights as well!

Stay tuned for more from NBA Players & Their Superhero Counterparts

written by Jorden @ EVRD

featured image created by Jorden Cultice 

check on more awesome artwork by Jorden on Instagram or his website

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