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Watch This: Bigtop Burger

Animation Clowns Food Truck Ian Worthington


Bigtop Burger is a new YouTube animated series. Food truck owner Steve takes his crew of 3 through wild and unpredictable circumstances as they try to maintain a respectable clown-themed business.

The series comes from popular YouTube animator Worthikids (Ian Worthington). This 24-year old self-taught talent is the whole package. He not only animates, but also creates the sound effects, voices the main character, and composes original music for the series. To learn more about his method, I highly recommend reading his Polygon interview. Both insightful and entertaining.

After dozens of videos and millions of views, Bigtop Burger is Worthikids' first original series. His fresh style and silly humor is a joy to behold. Check out the first 3 episodes below! 

 Ep.1 "Stove"

 Ep.2 "Elk"

 Ep.3 "Kid"

Bonus: "Up" Original Theme Song by Worthikids


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