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Why bother searching for the best coffee beans?

After all, most people have put their daily coffee ritual on auto-pilot. They either roll out of bed and press the glowing green button on their home coffee maker, or they swing by the most convenient coffee shop on their way to work. Either way, they knock back their cup, feel the caffeine jolt them awake, and get on with their day.

Most people feel perfectly content with their daily coffee routine. So why disrupt it?

The reason is pretty simple: Coffee can offer you more than a quick, unconscious caffeine delivery service. When you properly source, prepare, and appreciate the best coffee beans, the resulting cup can provide you with one of the most interesting and varied culinary experiences around.

Different beans grown in different regions provide massive variations in flavor. Different roasting styles and preparation methods produce dramatically different profiles. Each good cup of coffee gives you three times the flavor complexity of wine.

In short: Coffee rewards the adventurous.

With a few small changes in how you approach your morning coffee ritual, you can transform your coffee from an unconscious, utilitarian habit into an opportunity to start your day with a more meaningful, exciting experience.

But it all begins with opening yourself up to trying new coffees.

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