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Artist of the Week: Spooky Mansion

eyez garage-rock mansion Music rock-n-roll soul spooky spooky mansion surf-rock

When you put guys like Grayson Converse, Braden Lyle, Charlie McCone, Marty Reising, and Rob Mills in the same room, you can bet your bottom dollar that some fun and relaxation is about to go down.

The quintet, better known as Spooky Mansion ( is all about creating a soundscape of breezy, sultry surf-rock imbued with the passion of soul and the energy of rock-n-roll. Their music is often described as soulful garage-rock, propelled by energetic guitars, nimble drums, and sweeping and invitingly fuzzy vocal. Enticing, no?

With the help of Shab Ferdowsi and her band Blushh (, the boys recently released their latest single “Eyez”. Take a look below and see what Spooky Mansion is all about. 

I'm The Moon

Glass Mood Ring


Cold Clock (Live)


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