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Artist of the Week: Masego 🎧 (EVRD Music)

emotive fusion future-R&B house jazz Masego multi-instrumentalist Music producer Songwriter trap

Born in Jamaica, raised in America, praised worldwide. Micah Davis, known professionally as Masego, is a musical pioneer. He is best known as the father of the "Trap House Jazz" genre, which combines soul, jazz, dance, r&b and hip-hop. With the help from mentor DJ Jazzy Jeff, he has learned to create his own unique brand of audacious sultry-smooth music.

2018 proved to be Masego’s break-out year as he released his first full-length album debut "Lady Lady", the culmination of years of hard work, crossing the globe multiple times, and refining his distinctive craft.

He begins his 2020 Summer Festival tour on March 27th at Lollapalooza Chile. For those attending, you can expect a truly unique experience. During each performance, Masego creates a beat from scratch and makes a brand-new version of every song. 

Busy that weekend? EVRD has you covered. Grab your favorite headphones and enjoy the videos below. And be sure to check out all of our Artists of the Week on Spotify




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