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45 Redesigned Movie Posters to Inspire Your Creativity 🔗

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45 Redesigned Movie Posters to Inspire Your Creativity 

Minimalist movie posters have taken the internet by storm. You can find them for sale at online print stores and all over Pinterest. They might already grace your house or office walls with visual inspiration.

Movie poster redesigns are popular among designers and non-designers alike. Taking a story and visualizing it into a poster-sized graphic is no easy feat. New and seasoned designers recreate classic movie posters to brush up on skills and show off their creative prowess. For example, artist Peter Majarich redesigned a movie poster every day for an entire year, using the hashtag #amovieposteraday for social media coverage. Some film posters have been redesigned numerous times, like "The Shining" and "Titanic."

Let’s look at some of our favorite designers who have taken it upon themselves to create minimalist movie posters, plus some illustrative and conceptual posters.


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