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EVRD happy Inspiration Quote

What a crazy year it’s been. We’ve all had some setbacks. We’ve all felt scared and alone. And we are all holding onto things we aren’t talking about.

I hope that after everything you’ve gone through, you’ve still got your head above water. And if not, I hope that little shred of saving grace is on its way to help pull you through. I hope that you’ve learned something. And i hope that helps you paint a better picture of the future.

I hope you’re able to share more this time around. I hope you get to make new friends and hug someone without having to think twice about it. I hope you laugh a lot more and cry a lot less. And i hope we all get the chance to fall in love with the parts of life that make it worth living.

All the best 💜

happy new year 🙏🏼

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